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You can use this form to submit or update your PAD files. All submissions must be compliant with the Submission Policy.

We're accepting affiliate systems (Avangate, ShareIt etc.), but we prefer Avangate. We will read affiliate ID from your PAD file or you can enter Avangate ID below.

All PAD files are updated periodically so re-submission after a submit is not required. If you wish to update the program's affiliate ID, you can change it in the PAD file or contact us.

We provide also official mirror download service from our download servers. Please contact us.

What is PAD submission?

PAD is the Portable Application Description, and it helps authors provide product descriptions and specifications to online sources in a standard way, using a standard data format that will allow webmasters and program librarians to automate program listings. PAD saves time for both shareware authors and webmasters.

In order to use the advantages of PAD, you must produce a PAD file (.xml) for each of your programs. For producing your PAD files in a simple way, you may use this free tool for best results: PADGen. Then, you can register your programs only with the information of the URL of the PAD file and the wished category in the archive.
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